Thursday, January 15, 2015

Having a dedicated space to work in is every creative person's desire. When visiting artists studios I love seeing the work they create but almost as much I love seeing the space they create in. Having a studio space of my own as been a dream long in the making. So here is a little before and after! 
When I moved to Marfa in 2009 I decided creativity was going to be a bigger part of my life focus and work. After living in Marfa for about a year I bought a house with a detached building and garage. It was rough, dirty and packed with items left behind from the previous owners. I used the building as storage but always imagined it would become an apartment or studio. After a few years I was able to finish the rough space and make it into a lovely  jewelry studio complete with new windows, insulation and a rustic chandelier I found at a garage sale.

Re-framed ceiling

Crowning touch
New windows and walls


Living the dream in Marfa Texas.