Monday, October 5, 2015

Velvet Antler online shop now open! 
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Coming to Marfa for Chinati weekend? Great! Check out Jewelry by Rose Trunk Show happening all weekend at Hotel Paisano gift shop.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Having a dedicated space to work in is every creative person's desire. When visiting artists studios I love seeing the work they create but almost as much I love seeing the space they create in. Having a studio space of my own as been a dream long in the making. So here is a little before and after! 
When I moved to Marfa in 2009 I decided creativity was going to be a bigger part of my life focus and work. After living in Marfa for about a year I bought a house with a detached building and garage. It was rough, dirty and packed with items left behind from the previous owners. I used the building as storage but always imagined it would become an apartment or studio. After a few years I was able to finish the rough space and make it into a lovely  jewelry studio complete with new windows, insulation and a rustic chandelier I found at a garage sale.

Re-framed ceiling

Crowning touch
New windows and walls


Living the dream in Marfa Texas.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Jewelry by Rose mixing it up with gold and silver pieces for Fall.

 Jewelry by Rose believes luxury should be part of all our lives. Luxury is not about high prices but rather making you feel special and beautiful. Jewelry has the power to do that. So be good to yourself, have fun and do things you love.
 Oh and wear good jewelry! 

Jewelry by Rose building our branding with new earring cards.  What a difference a little branding makes!

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

  Jewelry by Rose announces the launch of our 

Online Shop coming Fall 2014 . 

Stay tuned for more info!

Color Bar of tiny crystals and hammered silver beads    
White Agate Horn with accent stones

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Jewelry by Rose is pleased to announce a Trunk Show at Hotel Paisano in Marfa Texas.

Designer reception Friday May 23rd 6-8pm. Trunk show will be up May 23-26th in the hotel gift shop. Come by and say hi! 

Be sure to view "Viva Boquillas" an exhibit of new watercolor paintings by local artist Wendy Lynn Wright. I was lucky enough to visit Boquillas for the first time recently and it now has a special place in my heart. Boquillas is a tiny village in Mexico on the southern bank of the Rio Grande. To see the simple and creative life those people live is humbling and inspiring. 
Viva Boquillas indeed!  

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

 Jewelry by Rose is always evolving and reforming itself with a variety of materials and combinations. I love my job.

Going Rustic with oxidized silver chains, bone and semi precious stones.

Thanks to my model K. who spent a little time doing an impromptu photo shoot at a recent Pop Up Boutique in Marfa.

Need it? Want it? Have to have it? Just let me know. 
velvetantlermarfa at gmail

Friday, February 14, 2014

New adventures in Jewelry and design
 Marfa International School is holding a fundraising event this weekend featuring horses decorated or transformed by artists in Marfa. The theme is Year of the Horse. This is my horse under construction in my studio. I am so pleased to participate in this event and can't wait to see all the horses. 

New Skills! 
I have recently started an apprenticeship with a local jewelry maker. This is an entirely new approach to making jewelry. 

I have really been enjoying the learning process and what I can do with metal and fire! This ring is made with a fossilised dinosaur bone and silver.

More new work and updates coming soon!